This is the solfa notation of “There shall be showers of blessing“.

There shall be showers of blessing    s  s  s  s  l  t  d  s
This is the promise of love               t  t  t  t  d  r d
There shall be seasons refreshing     l  l  l  d  t   l  s  d
Sent from the Saviour above           d  d  d  d  t  d  r


Showers of blessing          m  r  m  d  s
Showers of blessing we need       m  r  d  d   t   d   r
Mercy drops round us are falling     m  m  m  r  d   l  s d
But for the showers we plead.        t   t   t   t  d  r  d



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  1. Infact am amazed of the wonderful works you’ve been doing….. Is my prayer that God keeps on to open your ears and power to flew the trumpet as we the Amateur learns from you!


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