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Tonic Solfa of Ten(10) most popular Gospel Hymns

Singing hymns is a good way express yourself in worship to God. Hymns varies depending on the situation you find yourself.

There are Hymns of praises, Hymns for Christmas, Hymns for Easter, Hymns for the opening and closing of the year, Hymns for the Holy communion; there are eve hymns to sing whenever you are going through challenges or difficulties in your life.

When you sing these hymns; there is this feeling of fulfillment that you get.

The authors of these hymns have written these hymns many years back; I personally think they write these hymns based on their life experiences as Christians; perhaps some of them write it based on their personal revelation of the word of God.

If you play any musical instrument, it’s not a bad idea to play these beautiful hymns on your musical instrument.

You can get the tonic solfa of 20 other most popularly sung hymnals

That’s the more reason why we bring you the tonic solfa of of 10 most popular hymnals that you definitely know.


O worship the King, all Glorious above

O magnify the Lord with me

All Hail the Power of Jesus Name

We are never never weary of the grand old song

Praise my soul the King of Heaven

While shepherds watch’d their flocks by night

The old rugged cross

Joy to the world

O come all ye faithful

Low in the Grave He Lay, Jesus my Savior